Not Many problems, But…

As it’s the Sunday afternoon before Christmas and I am relaxing (or trying to, at least), here’s a little “issue” that just forced me to reboot. Again…

Probably the only annoyance that I have had with Vivaldi (1.x or 2.x) has been that when it is occupying the whole screen (but not in actual full screen mode), some event will take place, and the computer will continue, e.g. playing media, but the screen is frozen and the machine unresponsive.

I am running Mandriva 6.1 (fully up to date) with KDE Plasma (which is where I suspect the trouble lies). Plasma’s latest incarnations seem to have a little “issue” with sounds – the sound will skip for a second when some event takes place. Not just sound events, but other things like notifications to e.g. Facebook and other subscribed sites.

This makes me think that I should try another desktop on this machine, but I thought it would be better to see whether anyone else here has had similar experiences. If I do not expand the browser to full screen, this little mishap seems to be much less prevalent. Is it possible that some library has accidentally not been installed?

Interestingly, I first became aware of it when using an extension for timed page refresh; the refresh would be triggered and suddenly, the screen would freeze and I would have to reboot.

Thoughts, anyone?

Edit: As a follow-up, I was up late Saturday night (yesterday) and suddenly my Plasma5 desktop crashed. I was up all night trying to figure out what caused it, but essentially it was the cartoon widget. I also removed the weather widget while I was at it, and everything seems fine now.

What I had to do was log in and change workspace themes until I found one which brought up the desktop, unlock the widgets and manually remove the offending ones. I now have my Ghost desktop with Deep Sea colour scheme back.

Searching on the Internet, it seems that Plasma has always had “problems” with these little add-ons. Some (which you can see here, with the desktop uncrashed) work fine, but some are diabolical; in the case of the weather widget, the source of the information (at Flickr, for crying out loud!!!) keeps changing location. so the problem keeps recurring.

This means that I have to remain alert for any future crashes still being caused by Vivaldi, as Mageia 6.1 is undoubtedly a very “non-standard” version of what would have been Red Hat, from which it is derived, and there may therefore be some little points which need attention.

So far, so good…

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